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As we continue to mourn the passing of our longtime friend and league President Frank Menschner, I think it is important for me to emphasize that PBLA league operations are continuing and operating normally as Frank would have wanted. Frank presided as president for 28 of the 29 years of our existence and you have my solemn pledge that I will do everything I can to make sure the PBLA continues to operate as one of the best box lacrosse leagues in country. Frank and I led the PBLA for the last 21 years together. As Treasurer, I did all of the background and logistical work of running league whereas Frank provided solid leadership in enforcement of league policies and game rules as well as being the ultimate diplomat for box lacrosse. Our two different roles and skill sets complimented each other really well and helped provide the stability needed to an organization like this.
As I assume the role of President of the PBLA

I am pleased to announce that long time player and league friend Bob Stewart will be returning to the PBLA and joining me at the leadership helm to fill the newly created role as League Commissioner. Bob played in the PBLA for over 18 years, helped organize and was the captain of several PBLA traveling teams, coached local high school lacrosse, and has done so much to help expand lacrosse in the area. Frank and myself have always valued his input in league matters. As Commissioner, Bob will be responsible for all clarification of league rules and will enforce policies and team captain council rulings. Major decisions will still be decided by the Team Captain Council system as in the past. Bob will also help with other league roles such as public relations and league communications via social media. He was selected because of his previous service to the PBLA, vast knowledge of box lacrosse rules, work ethic, and overall sports management abilities. His personality as being very level headed, approachable, well liked, and decisive is perfect for the job. He brings so much to the table and for these reasons I believe Bob is only one for the job.

Please welcome Bob as the new PBLA Commissioner.

Meet the Staff

The PBLA also wishes to announce that Bill Nitti, Joe Stainer and Jason Marraffa will be league staff members. Bill and Joe will be responsible various odds and ends that are necessary in keeping this league operating smoothly. Jason will be our official web master. He has redesigned to be more user friendly and work on mobile platforms. Of course, Kevin and Jackie Neibauer will continue to be our score and shot clock keepers as well as entering our stats online. Thanks for your continued support over the years and here’s to many more . . .

Steve Innamarato - PBLA President

RIP Frank Menschner

25 years ago this month, I played lacrosse for the first time at Rizzo Rink. It was then I met Frank Menschner who would become my dear friend, mentor, and eventual partner in running the Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association. Frank left us today and his passing has left a huge hole in our hearts and the lacrosse world. He was one the funniest men I have ever known, a great goalie, coach, a loyal friend, and overall one of the most lovable people you'll ever meet. If you got him as a roomate on a lacrosse trip, he would keep you up for hours laughing. He was always the life of the room. Frank taught me so much about the lacrosse world. He was the model for good sportmanship and ingrained that into the PBLA. From Frank, I learned how to play my heart out in a game but be able to have a beer with my opponents on the corner of Front and Washingston at the end of the night. I think the best way to remember him and move forward it that we take our favorite trait of Frank and make it our own to celebrate his life with us and not let those good things fade away.
RIP my friend.

Steve Innamarato, PBLA Treasurer

Official Rules

These rules are for the Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association only. Rules for other leagues will vary. The PBLA rules are based on the Canadian Rules but have been modified to fit the needs and desires of the PBLA..

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If you have some questions about the league, please read this page before contacting the PBLA.

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